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Khyati Sharma : Sizzling Punjabi Name Slaying Nationwide..

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Khyati Sharma Background

Hailing from the pink city, Jaipur, Khyati Sharma is an upcoming model who is all set to make it big in the city of dreams Mumbai.

 Early Struggle:

“Real struggle is when you experience both the highs and lows when you grow,” says Khyati Sharma. At a very early age, Khyati Sharma realized the fact of being independent financially. During her early days, she took up various event management tasks to save up for her dream for which she was getting ready to embark.

This was also the time when she was getting appreciated for her beauty and figure. Due to the confidence instilled inside her, she started off with a couple of photoshoots.

 Shining through the woods:Khyati_Sharma_career_Celebanything

As rightly marked by his friends and near ones, she quickly soared to great heights, due to her facial features, expressions, figures, etc. Very soon she became quite famous and known among the well-known designers and related professionals in Jaipur city.

The turning point in her career was the lead actress role for the song “Phir Mujhe Dil Se Pukar Tu”, with the co-star Mohit Gaur, who also was the musician behind the song. Her pretty outlook was widely appreciated and loved among the youth.

This project further skyrocketed her popularity, with more brands offering her better projects.

 Further Career Growth:

With the passage of time, she became a leading model in the Punjabi music industry. She further acted in more Punjabi music videos, namely Tera Cheta 3, Kasoor, and Galatfahmiya.

Khyati has also marked a stellar entry into the regional language genres too such as the Bhojpuri music videos. With Bhojpuri superstar singer Pawan Singh, she worked in the song “Hamaar Wala Dance”.

Her first most popular appearance, “Phir Mujhe Dil Se Pukar Tu” has already achieved more than 75 million views, whereas the music video of the song “Hamaar Wala Dance” has crossed 31 million views.

She also worked in a movie “Haseena”, in which she had played the widely appreciated character of sweety. The song London Ghumaede from the movie gained a critical appreciation from the audience for the location and the actress.Khyati_sharma_Project_celebanything

More on Khyati Sharma’s Projects

  • So far, her song with Pawan Kumar became a major attraction among the audience. The audience really enjoyed watching the music video and dance moves in the video. Also, the song has approximately hit more than 2 crore views.
  • The song, Phir Mujhe Dil Se Pukar Tu was released on Valentine’s day and that became one of the major reasons behind its path-breaking success on YouTube.
  • Her song Galatfahmiya in which she acted was with the same co-star as the Song Phir Mujhe Dil Se Pukar Tu, that is, with Mohit Gaur.
  • “Following” is an upcoming series with Khyati Sharma as the lead actress. The series is to be launched in both Tamil and Telugu Languages.

 Final Words: 

Her involvement with projects from different backgrounds is great proof of her ability to be easily able to mingle with various background artists. Therefore, according to the Celebanything content developers and researchers, she is actively looking to settle down in Mumbai a couple of times.In the upcoming time, Khyati Sharma is definitely bound to achieve a great feat.


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