English Tests for Studying Abroad!

English Tests for Studying Abroad!

Jan 16, 2018

Studying abroad is a tedious process indeed!  But there is a way through which you can facilitate your dream to study abroad! And that is English language testing exams! Love it or hate it English has become an international language! Thus, the effect of acceptance of language testing exams even in non-English speaking countries is observable! And a primal necessity in case of countries like AU, NZ, CAD,  USA Whatever the case if your desired destination requires scorecards(results) of English testing exams! Thus you have to attempt them and only in truly exceptional case you will be exempted from the requirement! Moreover, if you get outstanding scores the chances of visa success become higher! Depending on your preference there is not one but three English testing exams! Each testing you’re listening, reading, speaking and writing ability and prowess!

IELTS [International English Language Testing System!]

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The talk of the town! in every town of Punjab! The very status of an IELTS aspirant will give you a boost in status! (Imagine a high score!) Nevertheless, the majority of the international student’s crowd chooses this exam over others due to its relative comfort! As the exam is paper based! And the speaking module is conducted with a live invigilator! The exams kind of mimics your typical exams you might have given in schools or colleges! Moreover, it’s accepted in 10,000 institutes all over the world! The score is calculated on the overall score of 9 bands and score is given in the increments of .5 bands! Obviously, depending on your fluency, you may score higher or lower! The exam is of two and a half hours in total! The test results are delivered in between 13 to 15 days!

TOEFL [Test of English as a Foreign Language!] 

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A primary computer (internet) based test! (But also available in paper-based format!)  Accepted chiefly in the USA! Also, educational institutes in other countries accept it!  And the grammar, accent and overall format is based on the American system of English! This test is primarily for those who are good at typing! The overall score of the test is out of 120! At least a score of 90 will satisfy English requirements of all universities! The exam, unlike IELTS, has a break of 10 minutes after completing reading and listening! The time span of the exam is between three and four hours!

Test result deliver time is the same! Between 13 to 15 business days!

PTE [Pearson Test of English] pte_www.celebanything.com (1)

The new kid on the block! PTE is gaining notoriety for its accuracy in testing English as the exam is purely computer-based! And computer simulations check your language fluency! The most advantageous factor of PTE compared to other English tests is its quick result delivery! i.e.., five business days!  In accordance with its increasing and wide acceptability! Lastly, the overall score of the test is out of 90, therefore, a score of 60 can be called as a good score! The test will be at a max of 3 hours!

So good luck study abroad aspirants! Hope you score well! And realize your dream!

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