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Best 6 Tips For Implementing Maternity Photoshoot in Saree

Best 6 Tips For Implementing Maternity Photoshoot in Saree

In India, sarees have been traditional clothing for hundreds of years. They are very important, especially at weddings, fairs, parties, and maternity photoshoots. Women who are pregnant and want to have maternity photoshoots in sarees need to choose the right ones that will make them look beautiful during this special time.

Women often choose sarees made of heavy cotton or chiffon that have needlework on them, but not all sarees are good for maternity photoshoots. It is important to pick a saree that fits the event and makes the pregnant woman feel good.

When getting a traditional maternity picture in a saree, it’s best to choose ones that are appropriate for the event. These sarees should not only be easy to wear, but they should also make the pregnant woman look beautiful at this special time.

When choosing sarees for a maternity picture, keep these things in mind:

  • Pick fabrics that aren’t too heavy. Sarees made from light fabrics like chiffon or georgette will drape nicely and be comfortable for the pregnant woman.
  • Think about fabrics that can be stretched. Look for sarees that are made of fabrics that can be stretched or that have features that can be adjusted to make them more flexible and easy to wear as your body changes during pregnancy.
  • Pick colors that make you feel good: Choose sarees in colors that make you feel good, like pastels or soft hues that go well with your skin tone.
  • Avoid heavy embellishments: Avoid sarees with lots of heavy embellishments or detailed embroidery, as they may make you feel uncomfortable and add extra weight during the photoshoot.
  • Put comfort over style by picking sarees with light, airy fabrics and few embellishments. This will help the pregnant woman feel at ease and relaxed during the picture.
  • Accept traditional designs: Accept traditional designs and themes that represent femininity and motherhood. This will give the maternity photoshoot a classic look.

1. Sarees in Light Fabric

For a great maternity photoshoot in a saree, picking the right fabric is important to make sure you are comfortable and have a good time.

It is best to choose lightweight fabrics because they are easy to move around in and have a nice flow that lets you fully enjoy the moment. For a maternity picture, fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and georgette are great choices because they are simple and soft.

Even cloth sarees can work because they are comfortable and look nice. But you should stay away from sarees with a lot of embroidery, as they might make you feel uncomfortable and make it hard to enjoy the picture.

By choosing sarees made from fabrics that are light and airy, you can improve your general experience and make sure that your pregnancy is healthy and fun. You can focus on making beautiful memories during this special time in your life if you put comfort and ease first.

2. Carefully Choose Saree Blouses 

For a beautiful maternity picture in a saree, you need to pick the right blouse style to show off your growing baby bump.

Select blouses that beautifully cover your midriff, like long or choli blouses. These will make you look good and feel good. Make sure the blouse is both open and form-fitting so you can move around and do different poses during the shoot.

When choosing a pattern for your saree blouse, choose one that is soft, comfortable, and won’t get in the way of your moves. Blouses with long sleeves or jacket-style sleeves are great choices because they cover you and look classy. To add a touch of elegance to your maternity outfit, you can also try wearing brand blouses made from soft materials.

If you pick the right type of blouse, you can make a beautiful outfit that shows off your baby bump while also being comfortable and able to move around easily during the photoshoot.

3. Avoid Wearing High Heels

When getting ready for a maternity picture in a saree, most people don’t wear high heels. When going to a formal event, sarees look great with shoes, but during maternity photoshoots, choose flats instead.

As you stand and move around during the shoot, flats will help you feel more comfortable and stable. Wearing fancy flats or shoes that go with your saree outfit is still a stylish thing to do. You’ll feel good and strong during your maternity photoshoot if you wear the right shoes.

But picking the right saree is only half the story. Another important part is finding the right place for your picture. A lovely background can make your maternity pictures look better and help you capture special moments that you’ll remember for a long time.

4. Maternity Belly Band

A maternity belly band or pregnancy belt is a good thing to wear while you’re pregnant. Look for a belly band made of stretchy fabric that is made just for pregnant women. These bands support and comfort your belly as it grows.

There are many colors of pregnancy belts, so it’s simple to find one that goes with your saree. You can make sure that your clothes fit well and snugly by wearing a belly band.

The belly band can cover and support your stomach during your maternity pictures if you’d rather not show it. It’s an easy way to feel better about your pregnant saree look and boost your confidence.

5. Choose Sarees With Loose Fabrics And Avoid Heavy Embroidery

People who are pregnant often have a baby bump, which can make them feel heavier than normal. Serees with a lot of needlework should not be worn if you don’t want to add extra bulk.

Do not wear sarees that are made of Banarasi silk, tissue, or thick cotton. Also, stay away from sarees that have a lot of zardozi or crystal work on them. The extra-heavy fabrics and decorations can make you feel bad and big.

Avoid heavy sarees and choose ones made of lighter materials like georgette, crepe, or chiffon. These fabrics fall beautifully over your body, making clothes that fit you better during pregnancy look better and feel better.

6. Drape It Over Or Under Your Baby Bump

Tie the saree just below your belly button if you want to show off your baby bump. If you’d rather hide it, you can knot the saree over your bump and it will be totally hidden.

To keep your back from showing too much, make sure the pleats of your saree don’t hang too low, especially near your shoes. Also, make sure the pleats aren’t so low that they get in the way of your movement. That way, you’ll be at ease and sure of yourself during your saree baby shoot.


For a great maternity picture in a saree, follow these tips. There may be a range of sarees in your closet, from ones with lots of embellishments to ones that aren’t as fancy. However, comfort should always come first, especially when you are pregnant. You can wear a saree with confidence while you’re pregnant as long as you put your health first and stay away from dangerous styles. Remember that the most important thing is to feel relaxed and at ease during the shooting so that you get beautiful, memorable pictures.


Q: Can I wear any type of saree for a maternity photoshoot?

A: You can wear any kind of saree, but for comfort during pregnancy, choose ones made of light fabrics like cotton, chiffon, or georgette.

Q: What type of blouse should I choose for a maternity photoshoot?

A: Choose shirts with full or jacket-style sleeves that will cover your growing belly in style while still letting you move around comfortably.

Q: Should I wear high heels with my saree for the photoshoot?

A: For more support and comfort during the maternity photoshoot, it’s best to wear flats instead of high heels.

Q: How can I conceal my baby bump if I’m not comfortable showing it?

A: To hide your bump while still looking classy, you can tie the saree below your belly button and knot it over it.

Q: Are there any saree fabrics or designs to avoid during pregnancy?

A: If you don’t want to look too heavy, don’t wear Banarasi or tissue sarees or fabrics with lots of heavy stitching. Instead, choose lighter fabrics like crepe, chiffon, or georgette.

Best 6 Tips For Implementing Maternity Photoshoot in Saree

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