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  • 8 Places To See On A Pet Friendly American Road Trip

8 Places To See On A Pet Friendly American Road Trip

8 Places To See On A Pet Friendly American Road Trip
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Taking a road trip across America is a classic experience that makes you think of apple pie and happy memories. Still, picking a place to go can be hard. You might want to visit museums, national parks, state capitols, scenic sights, or sports arenas.

But if you want a trip you’ll never forget, plan the ideal pet-friendly American road trip! Explore the best pet-friendly spots in each state and make memories that will last a lifetime with your furry friend by your side.

A Pet Friendly American Road Trip

Making tough choices about where to go is part of planning a great car trip. The country has a lot to see and do, from sunny beaches to beautiful mountains, from busy towns to quiet retreats.

We spent twelve years traveling with our dogs through all 48 contiguous states. We’ve learned a lot that we’d like to share with you! Our carefully planned itinerary for a pet-friendly American road trip will give you a taste of each state’s unique charm, whether you’re going on an adventure across the country or exploring a certain area. Every place on our schedule looks like it will be fun and exciting for both you and your furry friend. Click on each place to see more information and beautiful pictures.

The Ultimate Pet Friendly American Road Trip

This route covers about 15,000 miles, making it an epic trip that would normally take a couple of months to finish. If you can do it all at once, it will be the journey of a lifetime!

If you want a shorter trip, though, you can pick one or two areas and spend more time exploring them. You’re sure to have a great pet-friendly vacation no matter which mix you pick.

The Northwest

Our road trip through the United States with pets starts in the northwest, where lush scenery and beautiful views await. From the green islands of Washington to the breathtaking heights of the Beartooth Highway, this area has a lot to offer visitors of all kinds. Explore the green beauty of Washington’s islands or start an exciting trip along the mountain views of the Beartooth Highway. The northwest has everything you could want: peaceful walks in nature, exciting activities, or stunning views. Along the way, there are places to stay and things to do that are pet-friendly, so you and your furry friend can enjoy every minute of this unique trip through the northwest United States.


The beautiful San Juan Islands are in the Salish Sea, off the coast of Washington. They are a secret gem in the far northwest corner of the United States. There are lush pine woods, rocky beaches, colorful pastures, and shimmering lakes on these islands, making for a mesmerizing tapestry of natural beauty.

Each island in the group has its own special charm that makes it a great place to visit. The San Juan Islands are filled with charm and beauty. Each island has its own unique style, whether you choose to explore the peaceful woods on one island or take a walk along the rocky shores of another.

There are many places to stay and things to do in the San Juan Islands that allow pets, so you and your furry friend can go on amazing adventures while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The Southwest

On the southwest part of our pet-friendly American road trip, we’ll start with a fun day at Carmel’s beautiful dog beach. Next, go to Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon for exciting hikes that you and your pet friend will love. Lastly, take a ride up Telluride’s lift, which has beautiful views and lets you bring your pet with you.

This exciting trip is sure to give you and your busy pets memories that will last a lifetime. With stops to enjoy beautiful scenery, take in nature wonders, and do fun things outside, this part of the road trip is sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. Get your bags ready, put your pet on a leash, and get ready for an exciting trip through the beautiful southwest.


A mile long, beautiful beach runs along the coast of Carmel, starting near downtown and finishing at the 9th hole of Pebble Beach Golf Course. The best thing? All of it is pet-friendly! Dogs can play on this beautiful beach without a leash. You could also take your leashed pet to Carmel River State Beach, which is close by and has lots of things for pets to do.

No matter if your dog likes to run free or explore on a leash, Carmel has something for every animal friend. Carmel is a great place for pet owners to go on vacation with their furry friends because it has a beautiful seashore and pet-friendly rules. Grab your dog’s leash and get ready to enjoy the beach, surf, and sun with your furry friend in this pet-friendly paradise.


Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful nature wonderland that feels like a world away. It’s only 17 miles from the busy Las Vegas Strip. You can explore this area with your pet by taking a 13-mile loop road with beautiful views and more than 30 miles of tracks that are safe for pets.

You can take long walks on the trails that allow pets, or you can have a lunch with your pet and enjoy the beautiful views. Red Rock Canyon is a great place for you and your pet to spend the day, whether you love hiking or are just looking for a quiet place to get away from the city.

So, bring some water with you and a leash for your pet, and get ready to enjoy the stunning scenery of Red Rock Canyon. It’s the perfect place for an unforgettable outdoor trip with your furry friend because it’s pet-friendly and has beautiful views.

The South Central

As you start the South Central leg of our pet-friendly American road trip, you’ll find the right mix of busy city life and peaceful natural beauty in San Antonio, Texas.

You might want to skip the paddle on the Buffalo National River that is pet-friendly, but you should really not! We had a great time on this trip with our furry friends, Ty and Buster, and it quickly became one of our favorite memories. Even though it was their first time in a boat, our dogs did great, and we all had a great time.

You should not miss this amazing chance to enjoy the beautiful Buffalo National River with your pets. It will be an experience you’ll never forget and remember for a long time.

New York

There is nothing else like New York City, and Central Park is a must-see for both locals and tourists. The best part is that you can bring your pet with you on the journey! It’s the third most popular attraction in the whole world. Central Park has something for everyone to enjoy, whether you’d rather relax on a park bench, look at the lovely greenhouse gardens, or hike through the beautiful wooded trails in the Ramble. That day will always be special to you because it was filled with unforgettable times with your pet. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Central Park’s magic with your pet friend by your side.

Washington, DC 

In the United States, the National Mall and Memorial Gardens are very moving places to visit. Even though it’s in the middle of a busy city, this national park is actually very pet-friendly!

A lot of famous places, like the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, are close enough to walk to with your pet friend. There’s a lot to see and do with your family, like taking a walk along the Reflecting Pool or admiring the Washington Monument. Don’t be afraid to bring your pet with you to the National Mall & Memorial Gardens for a fun trip.

How long will it take and what will it cost?

If you drive about eight hours a day and the weather is nice, our ideal pet-friendly American road trip is about 15,000 miles long and takes about two months to finish.

The price of the trip changes based on how you plan to travel. The least expensive choice is to camp or stay in a tent. Hotels that allow pets cost more. Pets, on the other hand, are content as long as they have you.

Most of the places we recommend are cheap, ranging from free to $20 per person. You should expect to pay around $500 for each person to get in.

Gas costs between $1,500 and $2,000 more than planned.

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