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Allu Arjun: Early life, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Songs & Movie

Allu Arjun: Early life, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Songs & Movie

The Indian actor Allu Arjun was born on April 8, 1982, and is best known for his work in Telugu movies. He is more than just a star; he is an icon known for having great style and moving like a pro. Allu Arjun’s rise to fame began with his first movie, Gangotri, which came out in 2003. But it was Sukumar’s 2004 movie Arya that really made him famous and earned him a Nandi Special Jury Award. Hits like Bunny (2005), Desamuduru (2007), and Parugu (2008), which won him his first Filmfare Award, made him even more well-known in the business.

Allu Arjun has given great performances in many parts over the course of his career, from the romantic Arya 2 (2009) to the intense Vedam (2010) to the action-packed Race Gurram (2014). Many awards, including six Filmfare Awards and three Nandi Awards, have been given to him for his talent as an actor. He played a wide range of roles, including a cable operator in Vedam and a street-smart man in Race Gurram, which showed how versatile and talented he was.

Aside from being a great actor, Allu Arjun is also a sought-after brand ambassador who supports many different goods and causes. His charm has been used in ads for the Pro Kabaddi League, the streaming service Aha, and Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions, among other things. In 2021, his part in Pushpa: The Rise got a lot of praise, which made him even more successful. Allu Arjun won his first National Film Award for Best Actor for his role in the movie. It was also the most successful Indian movie of 2021.

From his first movie to becoming a celebrity, Allu Arjun’s rise shows how talented, hardworking, and charismatic he is. Like always, he is a shining star in Indian film thanks to his ability to captivate audiences on and off screen.

Early life

Allu Arjun was born on April 8, 1982, and comes from a Telugu family with a long history in the theater business. Allu Aravind, a film director, and Nirmala, his wife, welcomed him to Madras, which is now called Chennai. His family comes from Palakollu, which is in the West Godavari area of Andhra Pradesh. In Allu Arjun’s family tree is the famous film comedian Allu Ramalingaiah, whose acts in over 1000 movies will never be forgotten.

Before he moved to Hyderabad with his family when he was twenty, Allu Arjun spent his childhood years in Chennai. As the middle child of three, he gets along well with all of them. His older brother Venkatesh works in business, and his younger brother Sirish has become an actress like his older brother. Allu Arjun also has family ties in the movie business. His paternal aunt is Surekha Konidela, and she is married to the famous star Chiranjeevi.

In addition, Allu Arjun has a lot of family ties in the entertainment business. He is first cousin to star Ram Charan and is very close to him. This family connection not only makes their relationship stronger, but it also gives them something extra to bring to the fast-paced world of Telugu film.


  • Net Worth: Allu Arjun’s estimated net worth is $85 million, which converts to approximately 633 crore Indian Rupees.
  • Earnings per Movie: He earns a staggering amount of around 32 crore or more for each movie he stars in.
  • Monthly Income: Allu Arjun’s monthly income is around 6 crore or more.
  • Date of Birth and Age: He was born on April 8, 1982, making him 39 years old as of now.
  • Personal Life: Allu Arjun is married to Sneha Reddy. They reside in a luxurious house named “Blessing” located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


The makers of “Pushpa: The Rule” gave fans an amazing sneak peek of the much-anticipated movie on April 8, which was also Allu Arjun’s birthday. People were captivated by the teaser’s amazing visuals, which made them want more. That look into the world of “Pushpa: The Rule” was a great birthday present for Allu Arjun, who was sure to make his fans very happy. Then, to make things even better, the movie was released on this lucky day as well. April 8th will be remembered by both the star and his fans. As the teaser raised hopes, people became even more excited for the full movie, which promised to be an amazing movie-going experience for everyone.

Allu Arjun songs

People have grown to love certain songs from Indian movies over the years. “Nammavemo Ganee” from the 2008 movie “Parugu” is one of these songs. Many people were moved to tears by the soulful performance and moving lyrics, leaving a lasting impression on their minds. The 2018 movie “Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India” has another great song called “Ee Sainikan.” This song not only hit home with the crowd, but it also made people feel things with its powerful lyrics and musical arrangements.

“Kannanunni” is another beautiful song from “Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India.” Its melodic charm and lyrical depth added more levels to the story, making the whole movie experience better. In the same way, “Jeevitham Puzhayay” from the same soundtrack made people feel nostalgic and longing, with its sad lyrics and haunting melody.

Next, we have “Kalalu Kaavule” from the movie “Varudu,” which came out in 2010. This song charmed people with its sweet feel and beautiful melody. It became a hit with music fans and showed how good the movie’s music was even more. “Beautiful Life,” another song from “Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India,” made people feel better with its happy beat and words that praised the beauty of life.

With its upbeat beats and catchy hooks, “Lover also, Fighter also,” another great song from the same movie, showed how versatile the music was and hit home with younger viewers. Finally, “Avesham Vithani” from “Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India” took people on a journey of feelings with its moving melody and heartfelt performance, telling a story of love and sacrifice.

“Ninne Ninne” from “Desamuduru” (2007) is also worth mentioning because of its timeless appeal and brilliant melody, which solidifies its place in the history of Indian film music. Every one of these songs is different, but they have all left an indelible mark on people’s hearts. Their timeless beauty and global appeal make them stand the test of time.

Allu Arjun Top Movies

  1. Vedam (2010) – 8.1: A heartfelt tale that weaves together the lives of five individuals from different walks of life, showcasing their struggles and aspirations in a captivating narrative.
  2. Arya (2004) – 7.8: This romantic drama takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as it follows the love story of Arya, a free-spirited young man, and his pursuit of love against all odds.
  3. Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1 (2021) – 7.6: With its intense storyline and powerful performances, this recent release dives into the world of smuggling and showcases the rise of a determined individual against formidable adversaries.
  4. Arya 2 (2009) – 7.4: A sequel that lives up to its predecessor, Arya 2 delves deeper into the complexities of love and friendship, exploring the evolution of its protagonist amidst challenges.
  5. Race Gurram (2014) – 7.3: A high-octane action-comedy that keeps you on the edge of your seat with its adrenaline-pumping sequences and rib-tickling humor, making it a complete entertainer.
  6. Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) – 7.3: This family drama is a delightful mix of emotions, comedy, and drama, portraying the journey of a man who discovers his true identity amidst familial conflicts.
  7. Julayi (2012) – 7.2: With its cleverly crafted plot and engaging screenplay, Julayi follows the escapades of a witty protagonist as he navigates through unexpected twists and turns.
  8. Happy (2006) – 7.1: A feel-good romantic comedy that brings a smile to your face with its charming characters and light-hearted moments, spreading happiness and joy.
  9. Parugu (2008) – 7.1: This emotional rollercoaster explores the themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption, depicting the journey of a man who goes to great lengths to reunite a couple against all odds.
  10. S/O Satyamurthy (2015) – 7: A heartwarming tale of familial bonds and responsibilities, S/O Satyamurthy beautifully captures the essence of relationships and the sacrifices made for loved ones.
  11. Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India (2018) – 6.7: An action-packed drama that delves into patriotism and self-discovery, following the journey of a soldier who strives to find his purpose and redemption.
  12. Sarrainodu (2016) – 6.5: With its larger-than-life action sequences and intense drama, Sarrainodu keeps you hooked with its gripping storyline and compelling performances.
  13. Desamuduru (2007) – 6.1: A thrilling adventure that takes you on a journey to uncover the truth, blending action and suspense seamlessly to keep you engaged till the very end.
  14. Duvvada Jagannadham (2017) – 5.8: This masala entertainer offers a mix of action, romance, and comedy, featuring a charismatic protagonist who takes on the role of a vigilante to uphold justice.
  15. Yevadu (2014) – 5.7: With its intriguing plot twists and intense action sequences, Yevadu follows the journey of a man seeking revenge against those who wronged him, leading to unexpected revelations.
  16. Evaru (2019) – 7.8: A gripping thriller that keeps you guessing till the very end, Evaru explores the depths of deceit and manipulation in a suspenseful narrative that will leave you spellbound.
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Allu Arjun:  Early life, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Songs & Movie


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